[Real] Welcome to Celestial Gundam

I’m sorry for the yesterday’s April Fool ^^

Allright, today it’s the real one.


Gallery – NG Akatsuki Gold Full Set

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Last phase, the fourth gallery for NG Akatsuki Gold, the shining one..
As one of the 4 sets, this is a Knock-off model, TT Hongli

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Gallery – MG Hi Nu


Third phase, gallery for MG Hi-Nu, my first MG ever built.
As one of the 4 sets, this is a Knock-off model, TT Hongli

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Gallery – NG Astrea


NEXT, gallery for NG Astraea.
As one of the 4 sets, this is a Knock-off model, TT Hongli

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Gallery – MG Strike Freedom

A gallery of my first MG, MG Strike Freedom.
This is a KO, branded TT Hongli.

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[-April Fool-] Welcome to My new Home ^^

Gundam 00-Riser\7swords01

A long wait is over.
Please come over to my new site.


Okay… sorry for my readers :[ for my jokes.
New sites is currently on the way, but I replace all the images with my new logo, so I suppose it will up tomorrow.

And the comments are allowed now…

Sayonara Solitia

It’s been a long way from someday in 2006 since I made the blog “divinelight@wordpress”.

A while later, I’ve gone hiatus from the world of blogging, and in the midst of 2009, I’m back with VGNewsline (videogamenewsline), which is a paid web hosting. At that time, I really love to write anything from videogames news all over the world, until in September 7th 2009, my last post in VGNewsline appear, I’ve gone hiatus again, busy in forum chatters.

In the end of December 2009, I suddenly had a new hobby, Gunpla which until now is my main hobby, while videogames becomes my secondary hobby. After some times posting my works at Facebook and updating the status, I realized none of my real-live friends like gunpla… And that was the time I suddenly return to divinelight@wordpress and renamed it “Land of Gundams”.

It was a marvellous experience for me while I blog in Land of Gundams. So many new friends across the worlds were bound together in the love of gunpla. Land of Gundams becomes my homepage and I keep on continuing blogging because there are fellow readers and blogrollers like all of you, I give you my fullest thanks.

But everything will come to an end, and after Gallery of BB Unicorn, Land of Gundams will cease to function… at least until I return here again in the future…

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00-Gundam group build

I’ve looked over the blogs there are many people building their OO-Gundams, with all the variations.
So, let’s make a group build ^^

I’ll be moving to my new web, so I’ll dedicate a page in my new web a gallery of OO-Gundams variations which you and I built. The example from one member of Hobbyfanatics is like this page.

I’m not too good at introduction, so if you’re interested, just drop by the comments and the WIP links or gallery links here. I’ll post them in my new web as soon as it’s ready ^^
Just like Rockleelotus’s RX-78 Group Build, this invitation will last forever.

Oh yeah, by the way, I’ve just finish my O-Riser for OO-Riser\7swords. The WIP and gallery will have to wait in the new place.


– divinelight : OO-Riser\7swords
WIP : (later)

Gallery – BB Unicorn

At last, finish my first SD, BB Unicorn Gundam.
I hope you enjoy this gallery. Like usual, click the image for a bigger picture.

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Loots Part 2: The Swords has arrived!!

At last, part 2 for this month’s loot.

Well, it’s been a long time ago I deeply poisoned by one Gundam kit, and this model is the one that is in number one wishlist at that time. After this, I will stop to buy more backlogs for a while, it’s been a big bulk on my desk…

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