WIP – MG 1/100 ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom [1st Day]

After a whole day looking at the box yesterday, today I start building it after coming home from work.


Exia: Hei, little guy, clad in black, would you help me?


Noir: I’ll if you mind your words, ‘pal


Exia: All right, could you get the manual?


Noir: Let’s see, let us build the torso inner frame for today


Noir: Who’s this pilot? He’s all white, I can’t recognize him.
Exia: That’s Kira Yamato, Strike Freedom’s pilot


Exia: This is the torso, let’s combine this


Noir: Let’s end today with this, guess I’m tired already.
Exia: That’s why you are so little

WIP for today


I’m too tired after work today, so this is as far I could do today… only 1 panel in manual… ‘man…
Also forgot to put watermarks though, too lazy to reupload anyway.

  1. Woah! Strike noir so small! LOL is your Exia 1/100 scale?

    • Yes, my Exia is 1/100, while my Noir and Akatsuki is 1/144 (Akatsuki lost leg joint, currently cannot be played, only standing stilll).

      My brother is currently building 1/144 Kyrios (torso done), I’ll make he accompany Noir in later WIPs.

  2. Nice, you already started building the guy.

    Was the torso easy to snap-fit so far?
    Ah, how much did you get it for BTW?

    • So far snap-fitting just fine, only seamline above the pilot cannot stand in same level, but doesn’t matter, it’s inner frame anyway.

      Cost Rp240,000 or about RM96 (Google Converter).
      Believe it or not, I saw Full Burst Mode only about Rp120,000 in taobao.com…

      • That’s because the price haven’t include shipping to your country yet (plus customs, shop price increase, etc). XP

  3. Hmm… Lets see how the tt hongli version is… From wat i heard, tt honglis are pretty good.

  4. From what the seller told me, Hongli has made better version if the box DOESN’T contains “TT”, instead they use “gao gao” in mandarin.

    But… well, my Strike Freedom and 1/100 Akatsuki both use TT Hongli, not “gao gao” though…

    • Hmm, I wonder about that… maybe I should build the “Gao Gao” Destiny after all… (was planning to keep it first cuz already built a “TT Hongli” one before)

      • Well, my first Akatsuki was really PITA, but SFreedom haven’t give me much headache until the moment. That’s what the seller said though.

  5. So gao gao is better version?

    • Basically, it’s Hongli, with new brand I guess.
      Just to say that’s their latest production maybe.

  6. Nice “comic strips”. That surely arouse my interests in GunPla more. I can’t wait to see more of your work 😉

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