Tutorial – Seamlines Gone Away!! (with Putty)

I’ve told before that I submitted my Kyrios Noir to hobbyfanatics, but they complain most about the seamlines.

And so, this week I research how to remove them and I finally use the putty method.
Normally you could use Mr.Surfacer 500 for easier one, but kinda expensive, so I find myself a subtitute.

All right, here are the tools I need to do this:

1. Putty ISAMU (also you can use Sanpolac, Mr.Surfacer, or even Tamiya Putty)
2. a brush (Mr.Surfacer has one already included)
3. sandpaper 500grit, we need stronger one, may use 400grit too.
4. Power glue (also you can use Tamiya Cement for easier method)
(Be careful to handle power glue, it’s dangerous to your hands >_<)
5. (not shown) cutter, or side-cutter, or even modeller's knife.

First, this is Kyrios’ foot, I choose this because the seamline is really shown.

Put the glue or cement to both of the surface, only the ones that pressed to each other.

Press them together, you may also use tool to keep them intact. Wait for about 15-30 seconds.

The parts are inseparable by now. Next, use the sandpaper to remove the seamline.

Don’t worry if your part is losing the color, this method require painting at the end…
no matter I try to find, remove seamlines means you must repaint the whole kit.

Pour down the putty, just use bit of them, don’t use too much, it will be hard to cut away later.

Wait for about 1 till 2 minutes (prefer 2-3 minutes), let the putty dry. After it dries, cut the excessive putty.

Last one, bring your sandpaper again and rub away until the lines gone. You could rub the part with your finger, and if you can’t feel the line anymore, then it’s gone.

This is after they finished. That’s why I said before we need to repaint them again.

Okay, that’s it for my second tutorial. Next one (maybe) is about removing paints from your kit.
I have to remove mine from Kyirios Noir, because I need to repaint him… again.

NB: for my fellow friends in blogspot, sorry I can’t put any comment from my office… I can view the site, but I can’t submit any comment, I wonder why… >_<

  1. Wow… That IS a lot of seem lines on Kyrios’s foot… 😦

    And yes, do becareful when handling Power Glue. Its too POWERFUL. XD

    • I even think to find Tamiya Cement if I kept accidentally glued my hand… quickly wash with water to dry them off, but my hand still coarse even after washing >_<

    • haha, I remember getting myself glued by the power glue…not a very nice experience…

    • moemoekyun
    • February 5th, 2010

    of course use isamu it’s much cheaper πŸ˜€

    • I always try to avoid Tamiya and Mr.Hobby if I could find the replacement. >_<

        • moemoekyun
        • February 5th, 2010

        me too they are sucked your money better buy a nice modeler knife than that

      • isn’t modeller knife is more than Rp200.000?
        I thought it’s called sharp-pointed side-cutter.

        it sold more less Rp.250.000…

  2. i though cement glue was all you needed to seal seam lines, but the putty seems to make it more guaranteed. a good tip is wrap the sandpaper around something flat when sanding to get even results. lol even though i know this i often dont do it myself ^^;

    you have a lot of work ahead of you, but your skills are leveling up nicely!

    • as I know find from this seamlines removing tutorial, cement is kinda enough for some parts, whilst others need putty or surfacer.

      for sandpaper, I’ve once seen it wrapped to something, and I kinda forgot about that, will try next time.

  3. Nice tutorial, and though I already have bough most of Tamiya putty(from seams to modeling) though I couldn’t help noticing that you forgot to put in kyrios leg before putting the Foot armor together.

    • I guess I forget about that… Kyrios’ feet are more complicated than other model, so I don’t think I remember how it should be.

  4. Wow.. steady eh…. lot’s of extra work to make it looks perfect… worth the effort… well done…

  5. Hmm… Never seen those tools before… I used the tamiya compound like chubbybots if i want to get rid of the scratches πŸ˜€ But expensive…..

    • just ask “putty”, the brand name is a variety.
      tamiya = expensive >_<

    • heathorn
    • February 5th, 2010

    Nice, Level up!! haha πŸ˜€
    Wait, you removed the seam but I think there should be another part in between that should be inserted first >.<

  6. if only all kits are like Sazabi, seamlines would become a very minor problem…

  7. information is very helpful me:) thank you for his info

  8. Nice tutorial πŸ™‚ will take note

  9. @heathorn
    don’t worry, it does fine, I’ll give the shoot later. ^^

    why? sazabi has such a little seamlines?

    thanks, I’ll come back with another tutorial soon. I’ve taken the photoshots but maybe tonight I’ll post it.

    thanks, come back with more tutorials πŸ˜€

  10. Wow, you gonna repaint it? O_O I think it is better to wash away the paint first before the repaint.

    • that’s what I don’t understand in others’ tutorial…
      wash? How could I do that?

  11. hohoh akhirnya sudah bisa di Tahap Seamline nich broo..
    tgl lanjut ke tahap Costumize yach hehe.. di tunggu loch ^^

    • haha, ada2 aja.
      seamline ku masi lom sempurna, setela dicat jd gemuk gt 😦
      harus dikikir sempurna dulu,

  12. heathorn :
    Nice, Level up!! haha
    Wait, you removed the seam but I think there should be another part in between that should be inserted first >.<

    i’ve got criticism for my kyrios and now i bought isamu too, so how did you solve that problem??

  13. I used same method as you but without putty.
    would you geve me some advice to use sanpolac putty?
    how much catalyst I need make a good putty?

    • I don’t know for Sanpolac.
      go to Tokukatsu at my blogroll, he use Sanpolac for seamlines removal.

      I use Mr.Cement instead.

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