WIP – HG 1/100 Akatsuki Gundam – Part 2

After a short absence in blogging, I come back with tons of pictures (need to remove some because I’m too lazy with too much pictures…), and here’s Akatsuki, the one who shines…


let see the WIP, continuing the torso

Torso completed, then I move to his arms.

Well, I guess the arms are harder to build than the torso… but here comes the hardest part…

The hardest part is the leg because the parts are so many… and all of them needs time to deal with, you know, the nubs… I guess the golden marker won’t produce the same gold, so I guess I’ll pass. And the last part I nearly forget, guess what…

In case you don’t remember the remaining part, it should be like this now…

Oh yeah, the head, it’s missing… but I guess a Gundam can move even without the head part…

Done! The main body is done by now, next I’ll have to spare some time for the armaments. In Fullset, we got Oowashi and Shiranui backpacks at once, and of course the other armaments.

Till next post then, today I want to give a custom color for my Strike Noir, wonder if this will succeed…

  1. Good soft-bloom effect on the last picture, makes more… majestic looking. 😀

    Quattro: Mwu, can I have a word with you…

    • the shiny part is even shinier with bloom effect, I like that because the original picture is kinda dark.

  2. Aih2.. makin kinclong aja nich Blognya hahaha… bikin mata jadi sakit heheh….

    itu aktsukinya dah di Glossy ?? apa belom di apa2in mike ??
    beneran sakit mata gua liatnya hahaha….

    • ga, blom dikasi apa2 dan… kayanya ga bakal dikasi apa2 pula. shiny as a sunshine lol.

    • heathorn
    • February 16th, 2010

    you ‘bloom’ all the photos? Haha 😀
    pics too small bro, ngk puas liatnya

    • yup, I bloom so the shiny is looking shinier.
      the first picture has a bigger version 1000px width, just a click away.

    • moemoekyun
    • February 16th, 2010

    bling bling *_*
    no black numbs ??

    • black nubs are for 1/144 Akatsuki.
      Fortunately there is only yellow nubs for 1/100 and the place is kinda hidden, the only you could see barely is the foot armor.

        • Paradox
        • November 1st, 2010

        so you are saying, with the 1/100 akatsuki, the nub marks are hard to spot? because I was thinking of removing the gold plated parts and spraying it gold myself but if you can hardly see the nub marks I might not bother

      • well, aside the ankle guard in front, the other nubs are not really visible after all.
        you could see better detail in the gallery 🙂

  3. Wow, that’s freaking shiny! LOL xD

    • I like Akatsuki as my first Gundam (1/144 version) just because he IS shiny lol.

  4. sparkle sparkle! he can blind his targets in a fight lol

    nice job ^^

    • yep, thank you.
      I guess the enemies can’t see him more than a sun is coming through them lol.

  5. so shining…
    is it still hard too remove nubs like 144??

    • yep, as hard as 1/144, maybe Bandai ones are easier to deal with. Fortunately, the nubs are kinda hidden for just a glimpse.

  6. Very nice bling bling!

  7. For a second there I thought the blurry shine effect was caused by the sunlight, which is not good with plated kits. Bloom effect right?

    • yep, I like to use bloom effect to produce shiny effect. usually I go with lower effect, but sometimes medium if the image is too dark.

    • keionfan
    • February 16th, 2010

    The golden radius of the Akatsuki ^_^

  8. The Akatsuki looks really great so far. The gold plating really shines and the bloom effect enhances it even further! Good job so far. Are you gonna put on the clear stickers/decals on it?

    • I guess I’ll do that later. I saw the clear stickers in the box, but no decals for him.

  9. so bling-bling! the shine hurt my eyes 😀 Your fingerprint must be easily marked on the gold surface..remember to wipe it off after posing for photoshoot 😀

  10. I never build shining plamo kit like it. Metal parts leave no trace once the plastic off?

    • sadly, yes they leave yellowish nubs behind the gold coating. It’s better than 1/144 version which leaves black nubs behind.

    • FlawlessExa
    • February 17th, 2010

    Never liked plated parts. As you said, the nubs are killer…

    But Akatsuki does look very cool. Love its design.

    (The name also reminds me of the Akatsuki-Gou from Kamen Rider Agito ^ ^;;)

  11. So shinny!! I’ll have to wait for the next post. I’d like to see the weapons too.

  12. updated abit on my gundams’ collections.. thought u might be interested to see my photo gallery 😀


  13. @flawlessExa
    yep… nubs are killing me for this kit… but I need to overcome it, all because I like to see golden Gundam like this (Hyakushiki is not really shiny…)

    Already done his rifle at this time, but I’ll put Part 3 after one of the backpack is done. Maybe Shiranui first because I already had Oowashi for 1/144.

    be glad to, I’ll visit.

  14. woot.. too many bling2x.. ahh.. my eyes…

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