Recreation – Taman Bunga Mekarsari (Mekarsari Flower Park)

As I mention yesterday, at Sunday I went to Mekarsari Flower Park with my friends.
Mekarsari Flower Park is located in Cileungsie, near Cibubur, West Java, Indonesia.

At first, we would like to go to Safari Zoo, but the traffics are beyond our expectation >_<.

This is the front door, not many people are here at the moment.

The left shows traditional music tools the and the right shows Ibu Tien Soeharto, the planner of Mekarsari Flower Park.

Because this park is sooo huge, we usually use a bus to go to other areas. The right picture shows the playground for people who like climbing (well, not for me).

This called the Building of Waterfall, I saw this as the most beautiful building in this park.
This is the main office of the whole area, when we entered we saw a neat lounge, but too empty to do a decent shots.

Too many trees and flowers to be shot, and I’ve just gone to one areas of the three biggest area…

See how the path becomes the curve. It’s because all the park is drawn by the image of leaves.

Let’s see, this is the map of the area, I only manage to go to the middle part. Oh yeah, because I want to look at the tress and flowers, we walked through the path, not using the bus.

These are the tree houses. Should be able to live here, because I saw Air Conditioner is attached, but right now no people there.

These are some pictures I took while walking to the left side. The sky is dark and soon it was raining, so we called it a day.

For the last pictures, I took Shaolin Plants (Crops), don’t know why it’s called like that…

  1. wow.. mekarsari actually seems good..
    never been there because it’s far from my city >.<

    • heathorn
    • March 3rd, 2010

    ahh, never been there. Must be nice to relax from stressful life in jkt.

    the waterfall building is like bandung’s villa isola split open. Then grandizer will come out 😀

    • yep, like in the forest.
      I have recorded one video when I walk, kinda like to edit it for a while, surely like walking in an RPG dungeon.

  2. that building of waterfall has to be one of the coolest things i ever seen! very nice shots of the park, i like how the walk way is designed to look like leaves. imagine walking around all those loops lol

    • moemoekyun
    • March 4th, 2010

    building of waterfall *_* want

  3. @rocklee & moe
    yep, the water falling sounds are music for my ear, very soothing.

  4. This is VERY NICE! Wisata in the middle of the fruit garden. 😉
    From the zoning map, there seems to be a whole lot of attraction. Did you try every of them?

    • There should be an outbound facility at the left (where the lake is), but it started raining so we rushed home. it’s nearly 4:00 PM at the time.

  5. Neat place! Yeah, that waterfall building looks awesome. Which country is this in?

    • Indonesia, the waterfall building is the main office, I gotta add in the post.

  6. Nice place to relax i presume!

    • chubbybots
    • March 4th, 2010

    Wow that waterfall building is very cool 😀 The whole park is very scenic and relaxing. Would love to bring my figures out for a shoot in this place ^^

    • well, gundam don’t really fit there, but figures surely fit in there.

        • chubbybots
        • March 4th, 2010

        Ah I was thinking of my nendos 😀

    • keionfan
    • March 4th, 2010

    Hmmm a place to relax on mind.

  7. Such a nice place! I always wanted to go there! which one do you think is better? Mekarsari or Kebun Raya Bogor?

    • I think Kebun Raya Bogor is better.
      Not much to see in Mekarsari, I like Kebun Raya Bogor better for relax.

  8. I’m really impressed of buildings with a waterfall in it. It’s magnificent! It’s the first time i see this kind of architecture.
    Houses on trees are very original, i would like to stay a few nights just for fun.
    It’s a beautiful park to visit in any case.

  9. It’s nearly impossible to find well-informed people in this particular topic, however, you seem like you know what you’re talking about!

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