Gallery – MG Strike Freedom

A gallery of my first MG, MG Strike Freedom.
This is a KO, branded TT Hongli.

As usual, click the images for bigger resolution.

After thinking a while where to post these images, I decided to put these into Land of Gundams. Because my Celestial Gundam will not host any of my TT Hongli kits, so I still have at least 4 gallery posts for my last 4 TT Hongli kits which already been worked out.

Basically, Strike Freedom is the best work for my TT Hongli kits.
The only one bothers me the most is of course the head molds, it’s just not… Strike Freedom.

I painted every inner frame in Gold RJ London paints, so everything you see is from spray paints. After my Avalance Exia, I realized how RJ London can’t be as smooth as an airbrush with Gaia paints.
Well, judging from the prices, it matters a lot.

All the blacks are shiny, because it is Metallic Black, still the same RJ London.

No action pose… it’s hard to photograph an MG after all -_-‘
Oh well, this is the first of my 4 sets of remaining TT Hongli gallery, hope you enjoy this.

This will be put on sale later after the sets complete, only on Kaskus.



The DRAGOON is not painted, just because I lost the mood at that time.
Might never be painted anyway…

I wonder if I will buy an Original Strike Freedom later, I’ll put a thought for next year, because I love this model, more than Freedom

    • GL’ #1 junk guild
    • October 9th, 2010

    Buy the original MG Strike Freedom, it’s worth it.
    But give me the beam shield effect part. :p

  1. lolz, this will be posted as for sell later :p
    but I don’t think it will be somewhat cheap thought.

    by the way, the effect part is lousy -_-

    • GL’ #1 junk guild
    • October 9th, 2010

    No worries.
    I just try to fulfill my desire to make it completely symmetrical.
    An expensive fetish indeed. -_-

  2. did you use the chromed RJ london gold paint? i was thinking of using it myself too.. wanted to see the results… atlas! finally found someone that might be using it.

    • divinelight
    • October 10th, 2010

    the gold is 18kt, the most expensive paint in RJ.
    if you see the rifle it use the chrome RJ London, the same price with gold 18kt.

    The gold is somewhat flat, have only little shine.

    • ErazEr
    • October 10th, 2010

    its priced the same on my neck of the woods…

    230 Php on ACE hardware shelves for both the Chrome and 18k paint

  3. Looking good 😀
    >w< I never try RJ london spray just PYLOX last time.

  4. it’s 24.000 IDR here in Jakarta.
    RJ London is better (IMO) but of course Tamiya Spray is the best.

  5. Looks pretty good. You are planning to sell it away?!

  6. The teksture is very good, but i saw a dirt at left shoulder.

  7. after 4 sets of gallery are finished, it will be put as for sell @kaskus.
    not going to hand them too cheap, so galleries are required I think.

    I didn’t see that before, I guess it’s too long exposed in open air.

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