Gallery – MG Hi Nu


Third phase, gallery for MG Hi-Nu, my first MG ever built.
As one of the 4 sets, this is a Knock-off model, TT Hongli

Kinda hard to pose because it will take a verrrryyy big space for his Full Burst, with all the funnels flying around with effect parts, so I passed 😀

Next, the last think, the shiny Akatsuki.

  1. is it gd?

  2. no, as told above, it’s TT Hongli

  3. It’s almost hard to tell at the first glance until you’ve mentioned it. But the fac does look somewhat different as compared to the original. Great job on the paint work, it looks great!

  4. thanks Jac.
    I think the biggest difference from bootleg and original lies on his head.

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