00-Gundam group build

I’ve looked over the blogs there are many people building their OO-Gundams, with all the variations.
So, let’s make a group build ^^

I’ll be moving to my new web, so I’ll dedicate a page in my new web a gallery of OO-Gundams variations which you and I built. The example from one member of Hobbyfanatics is like this page.

I’m not too good at introduction, so if you’re interested, just drop by the comments and the WIP links or gallery links here. I’ll post them in my new web as soon as it’s ready ^^
Just like Rockleelotus’s RX-78 Group Build, this invitation will last forever.

Oh yeah, by the way, I’ve just finish my O-Riser for OO-Riser\7swords. The WIP and gallery will have to wait in the new place.


– divinelight : OO-Riser\7swords
WIP : (later)

Gallery – BB Unicorn

At last, finish my first SD, BB Unicorn Gundam.
I hope you enjoy this gallery. Like usual, click the image for a bigger picture.

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Loots Part 2: The Swords has arrived!!

At last, part 2 for this month’s loot.

Well, it’s been a long time ago I deeply poisoned by one Gundam kit, and this model is the one that is in number one wishlist at that time. After this, I will stop to buy more backlogs for a while, it’s been a big bulk on my desk…

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WIP – BB Unicorn

All right, I’m kinda late to post this WIP because I’ve finished this, only 2 days needed to build an SD, even if you paint them. However, to call for a complete line, I need to finish lining and transfering the decals.

All pictures are not fully snapped because I need to paint afterward.

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Jakarta Toys and Comics Fair 2010

Today, finally I went to my first Toys Fair ( before I started Gunpla, I said, “Toys is for children, why must I go to Toys Fair?” lol ).

This is Gatotkaca, the hero of my country. And the right may be Nendo Gatotkaca?

Bigger Gatotkaca is photographed not by me, but by zaburo from Kaskus.

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Toward the path of photography

Everytime I read through blogs, I always thought, “something is missing from mine”.
And, I guess it’s one called “presentation”.

That’s why these days I’m trying my best to produce the good photography, even when I only have a pocket camera (Olympus 7mp Mju-700, my mother will not let me buy better one, even from my own money). I’ll put this sticky so I’ll see how I’m doing, better or worse each day.

I put descending order, so you could see the latest, whether it’s better ^^ or worse T_T

13 March 2010

Moving from my room to living room, which has two bright lamp compared to one in my room.

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Random Shots for Today

update 11 March 2010
Still the same random shots, trying to find the best type of shoots.

Is this better?

Or this one? (use Photoscape for brightening, but no bloom, it blurs the details)

Or still not enough. Well, for me, it’s still far from enough.

Still cannot produce as great lightings as others like Z or lylibellule…

Another try, with black background, cut off my room lamp only 1 desklamp from afar.

Just buy a new backdrop, so I thought of giving a random shots.
It’s Aile Strike Gale, just a bit of preview. I’ll make a review or gallery (maybe both) later.

HG 1/144 Aile Strike Gale -Bandai-

Aile Strike

The backdrop is two layer, the white and sky blue gradient-style. I want to shots the flying Aile Strike later. Still this time is not purely white, guess I really need two lamp instead of one.

10 March 2010
Bought a new desklamp, so I try the lights.
Still not enough for pure white backdrops… maybe the camera is the problem?

MG 1/100 Strike Freedom -TT Hongli-