WIP – 1/144 Aile Strike Gale – Part 3

Today, there is no Astraea, well I know now, it’s nearly impossible for two works at once…

A bit development for the Aile pack, I tried already this to Strike Gale, and the color mixed fine I guess, so I don’t change the color scheme.

Some parts are not fully sanded because I’ve just put cement, I’ll wait till tomorrow to sand them and paint all of them. This will be the last WIP for Aile Strike Gale. Next time, it will be a gallery.

Oh yeah, still can’t produce the pure white backdrops… even after I use desk lamp and photobox… need to try again…

Recreation – Taman Bunga Mekarsari (Mekarsari Flower Park)

As I mention yesterday, at Sunday I went to Mekarsari Flower Park with my friends.
Mekarsari Flower Park is located in Cileungsie, near Cibubur, West Java, Indonesia.

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WIP – 1/144 Aile Strike Gale + 1/100 Azure Astraea – Part 2

Yesterday I went to a recreation park, I’ll upload the photos later because there are so many.
Too bad I didn’t bring my gundam >_<

Today, I finish my Strike Gale (Aile pack is not yet), and here are the progress.

The arms are not lined yet, and the left arm is damaged when I try to cover the seamlines >_<

Damage in-process:
First, I use Mr.Cement to the part, then I clamp them together. Afterwards, I apply ISAMU putty, then I wait for 10-15 minutes. Then, I cut the excess with my cutter, and to my horror, I saw the part is also cut!!! like the one in the image.

So, the mistakes are:
1. Mr.Cement should be left for 4 hours (my friend said so), because the part is melt by the cement.
2. Don’t use cutter so easily >_<. Handle with care…

The head part, because it’s so small, this is the hardest part for me, so I don’t make any modification to this.

Torso, I made the whole color change here, the original is red and blue and this one I made into white, black, and grey.

The waist has a bit colour modification on left and right, from white to blue, and the red part in front originally is blue, but I paint it red, so there is a red colour for Strike, my friend like that better than all blue.

And for Azure Astraea, I don’t have any progress except the other arm is finished. Making two kits at once is really tiring LOL.
Also, because of my constant 3 days painting and painting in row, I would like to rest a while, so I’ll come back with more progress at this weekend… I’ll just post my not-yet-uploaded images for this week.

WIP – 1/144 Aile Strike Gale + 1/100 Azure Astraea – Part 1

Currently building two kits at one time, because the color scheme is rather similar one to another.

Aile Strike Gale will based on this lineart, original lineart is taken from mahq.

And Azure Astraea is based on this color scheme, like usual picture that not mine will be showed in link.

Azure Astraea, not mine

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End of February Loot

After reading Z’s Gunpla and Photography 2, I tried to buy more tools for me.
And this is the biggest loot for me (for tools) until this moment.

These are the hobby knife I choose for me, and the drawing pen is 0.05. The knife is so sharp, even I accidentally got some cut on both of my hands >_<. The drawing pen is for lining, I choose Sakura Micron 0.005 Archival Ink. The price is half than a Gundam Marker, but it's twice the price my friend got for his drawing pen.

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Gallery – HG 1/144 Strike Noir Blanc Form

It’s a bird…. No, it’s a plane….
NOO, it’s…

Strike Noir: Blanc Form

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WIP – 1/144 Strike Noir Blanc Form – Part 2

From the last post, I told that I lost one of the leg armor and I recasted it.

See? Let’s zoom the camera over again.

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