New Year, New Changes!

Happy New Year everyone!!

Happy New Year

For this new year, I change many things on my blogs.

List of changes:
1. Theme and Custom Header.
2. Images are now 300px wide, can be clicked for bigger image
3. Images I upload from now will have timestamps.
4. Editing my previous posts, replacing with better words.
5. Create 4 new pages: About, Gallery, WIP, Diorama.

Tomorrow (about 10 hours from now), I’ll post my latest completed Gundam, GAT-X105E Strike Noir.
Keep in touch with Land of Gundams. ^^


January Loot!!

Today is the last day of work, and I’ve spent my money for January loots.
Here they are, will be coming about January 2nd until 4th.

HG 1/100 Akatsuki Fullset (Oowashi + Shiranui)


HG 1/144 Kyrios


And lastly, my long anticipated… care to guess what’s this? Oh yeah, it’s my very first Master Grade.

Strike Freedom

I’ll go out of town for a long weekend, so I’ll come back next year.
Till we meet again in 2010!
(I’ll do a theme change next year, hope my choice will be better than this one)

*disclaimer: All images were taken from Gundam Wiki.

WIP – HG 1/144 ORB-001 Akatsuki Reworks [Completed]

Today, after returns home from work, I continued my reworking of Akatsuki.

This is the main problem, it was not snap-fitted well… it needs a bit of reworks


This is the Oowashi after rework. My previous work has so many holes on seam lines


Akatsuki after Rework


I doubt I’ll post a gallery of my HG 1/144 Akatsuki, I’ll wait until I finish my HG 1/100 Akatsuki (if I don’t resell it) later, too many nubs to take good photo shots.

WIP – HG 1/144 ORB-001 Akatsuki Reworks

This was my first model kit I’ve ever made, but also because it was my first time, the final product was too terrible, it couldn’t even stand by its own, and one touch will break it to pieces.

That’s why, after learning modelling tutorial, I reworked this model kit before I made a gallery.

Cutting away excessive part causing terrible snap-fitting


Afterwork today, left leg (right side) is the finished one, while right leg (left side) was not complete


The upper part was not finished too


Even at first I believe I only need 1 day, it looks like I need another day to finish it.

WIP – HG 1/144 GAT-X105E Strike Noir

Today, I want to post my latest Gundam model kit.

I was mistaken though, at first I thought HG 1/144 from Hongli is worthless, but when I made this with proper knowledge (modelling tutorials), even Hongli’s HG 1/144 can easily fit each other.

My workplace

My workplace

First day work, the cockpit


Gallery – HG 1/100 GN-001 Exia

This is my second Gundam model kit which I finally finish today.
Being my first HG 1/100, this Exia is as agile as Exia in the show, I can move him easier than my Hg 1/144s.

-Look from below, I love Exia from his cockpit


-Exia 7-swords style


-GN-Blade/Rifle and GN-Shield


-Use his double blade.


-View from the back




That’s it, my first gallery. Because Exia is currently my favourite, I may update this page later.
So, please come back again with my next gallery.
Comments are highly appreciated.

Welcome to Land of Gundams

Welcome to my blog, contains galleries of my gundams.

gundam banner

Earlier this month I was surfing the net without any clue that that day will be the first day I took an interest in Gundam model kit (Gunpla). Because of the high-pricing, my fundings doesn’t allow me to buy any more than HG 1/144s, moreover the special releases (e.g.: Clear Version Campaign).

However, my eyes caught upon this “bootleg” Gundam, TT Hongli Gundam that offers the price that I could afford to. From my first kit, HG 1/144 Oowashi Akatsuki, I enter the world of Gundam model kit (Gunpla), and here I make a blog to show the world the quality of TT Hongli Gundams.

Last words, enjoy your time with my galleries. Adiós.