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Tutorial – Light Box for Photo Session

For tutorial today, I’ll share how I make my own photo studio.
It’s called “lightbox”, a box for photo session. Really good because with this we can shoot with the right lightning… (should be :D)


1. a box, don’t use box as good as this, it’s just example. I use box of mineral water (Aqua).
2. sheets of paper, minimum 3, find almost transparent ones, so it won’t block the light.
3. side-cutter, or cutter, or even scissor.

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Tutorial – Seamlines Gone Away!! (with Putty)

I’ve told before that I submitted my Kyrios Noir to hobbyfanatics, but they complain most about the seamlines.

And so, this week I research how to remove them and I finally use the putty method.
Normally you could use Mr.Surfacer 500 for easier one, but kinda expensive, so I find myself a subtitute.

All right, here are the tools I need to do this:

1. Putty ISAMU (also you can use Sanpolac, Mr.Surfacer, or even Tamiya Putty)
2. a brush (Mr.Surfacer has one already included)
3. sandpaper 500grit, we need stronger one, may use 400grit too.
4. Power glue (also you can use Tamiya Cement for easier method)
(Be careful to handle power glue, it’s dangerous to your hands >_<)
5. (not shown) cutter, or side-cutter, or even modeller's knife.

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Tutorial – Nubs Gone Away!! (with Gundam Marker)

Two days ago, I posted my WIP for MG Hi-Nu Gundam, Part 1.
There I show you how I manage to deal with the nubs 😀

so, today I want to show you all how I got this done.

For starter, I took one part away from its runner, still have the nubs.

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